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SaffPower Hand Sanitizer Creme - The Difference You Can Feel

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2-in-1 Protection On The Go

Don't let the small size fool you.  This 5 oz bottle packs all the power of protection in a convenient size for your car or purse.  And because it leaves your hands feeling silky and smooth, we bet you'll leave other moisturizers behind.  Available in breezy coconut and mint.

The Power of Safflower Oil

While safflower is one of the oldest known crops, the power of safflower oil has only been recently discovered.  With its multiple uses and health benefits, this small flowering thistle is rich in vitamin E and linoleic acid for a story that is just beginning to unfold...

Protect Your Team and Your Customers

We deliver barrier protection and peace of mind in a convenient monthly refill program that includes an automatic dispenser.  Perfect for offices and retail settings. 

SaffPower Hand Sanitizer is different than anything I've tried.  My hands feel silky and smooth and stay soft even after washing with soap and water.  This is a game changer!

Anna D.

My work already beats up my hands, so it's nice to find a product that protects and soothes.  My family noticed the difference right away!

Ken F.

Hands down the best sanitizer I have ever used.

Scott M