Level 2 -  Auto Refill SaffPower Creme Hand Sanitizer

Level 2 - Auto Refill SaffPower Creme Hand Sanitizer

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It is a challenge keeping your staff and customers safe during these times.  So we are using hand sanitizer more than ever.  But does it really have to make your hands smell terrible?  Do your hands have to burn, dry up etc.? We don't thing so!

That is why we created our Hand Sanitizer Creme.  You will still get the protection you need, but your hands will feel great and even smell good.  Our hand sanitizer is infused with Cold Pressed Safflower Oil to leave your hands feeling smooth and revitalized.

We also know that chasing after hand sanitizer is an issue as well.  Introducing the Auto Refill Program.  We guarantee you will receive your shipment of hand sanitizer every month at our amazing price.  Included with the first shipment is an extra gallon of Hand Sanitizer Creme as well as an automated dispenser.

To recap, you will receive:

Initial shipment - Will include your first two gallons of SaffPower Hand Sanitizer, signage, and guidance on the proper use of hand sanitizer for customers and staff.

Each additional month you will receive 2 gallons of SaffPower Hand Sanitizer 

Your credit card will be charged $79.99 per month plus shipping.